Hyades » Responsibilities

Economic & Community Development


In many countries and communities where we operate, social issues are part of a broader set of varied and complex socioeconomic and security concerns. Our programs engage communities and individuals, empowering them to promote sustainability and helping deliver long-term socioeconomic benefits. The programs have touched millions of lives and demonstrate Hyades's commitment to being the partner of choice.

Educational Responsibility

Hyades believes that education is the key to personal empowerment and improved living standards. To spread this message throughout the world, Hyades Foundation sponsors local schools and offers free computer literacy programs for the deserving. Our "Teach a Child" program has helped hundreds of children expand their horizons through field trips to places of cultural, scientific and educational interest. By providing continuing education opportunities, Hyades has also helped many adults to improve their career opportunities. One such success story is now a Hyades engineers!

Environmental Responsibility

To tap new energy resources, Hyades is now operating in more difficult and isolated areas than ever before. We are committed to seeing that new projects are developed in an environmentally sound manner and that existing operations continue to reduce their environmental impacts.