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Gigame - Recruiting CRM Platform


While most technology companies today benefit from globalizing their software product R&D, the CRM and Enterprise Reporting domain has been slower to adopt a distributed development model due to strict quality and regulatory standards. With a dedicated CRM and Enterprise Reporting Center of Excellence and more than five years of experience working on complex CRM and Enterprise Reporting projects, Hyades understands that quality, reliability and patient safety are top priorities when developing CRM and Enterprise Reporting software products - especially in a distributed environment.

Our Solution

Hyades has established a disciplined process for global product development that leverages state-of-the-art tools and thousands of world-class software R&D engineers to ensure that its partners receive high-quality CRM and Enterprise software application that are both cost-efficient and quick to market. Our extensive software R&D and product support services cover a wide variety of CRM Application:.

CRM Application:

  • Distributed application that store, analyze and make available various CRM information
  • CRM and Enterprise application whre Employers can meet potential candidate.
  • CRM and Enterprise Job search online portal

Our Expertise

  • Technologies: J2EE, JAVA, JSP, jQuery, JavaScript, jQuery, Json, Ajax, HML5, CSS3
  • Protocols: Soap, XMLHttp, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Mobile Platform iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Operating System: Windows, Unix/Linux, Obuntu