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Agile services


  • Casual and Formal training for Agile concepts
  • Development, Testing and Support using Agile methods
  • Agile methods for Compliance, Industry and Hardware development
  • Customization and PMO development
  • Skilled Agile Practitioners available to augment your staff
  • Facilitated Retrospectives and techniques to improve team performance
  • Pro*Agile Methodology for outsourced development delivers highest possible value


  • Introduction to Agile concepts
  • Product Training
  • Agile methods for Compliance, Industry and Hardware development
  • Master Training
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Development Team

Development of Methodology

  • Methods are customized for client environments
  • Proper control and Practices for Compliance, Regulated Industry, Hardware/Software development
  • PMO Practices for complex environments

Agile Practitioners

  • Staff augmentation with skilled practitioners
  • Certified Scrum Masters to guide teams
  • Onshore/offshore Development and Test resources

Distributed Agile

  • Making Agile work with Distributed Teams
  • Best Practices, Tools, Process for Agile Collaboration

Team Performance

  • Team Performance Model
  • Team Self Assessments
  • Team Best Practices for Development, Testing, Support