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Hyades's comprehensive expertise in J2EE, Web2.0, and Cloud Computing implementations cuts across all the major solution providers. We help you build an infrastructure that will consistently enhance productivity, and yield benefits. With Hyades, organizations get to explore the best solution to realize their vision of the real-time enterprise, enable operational efficiencies, stronger customer relationships & better business decisions.

Java Application Solution

A typical Hyades J2EE project goes through inception and several iterations of elaboration, construction and transition to achieve an end solution that incorporates stakeholder feedback and is tested for reliability. Leveraging this process, Hyades's highly skilled J2EE developers have successfully completed numerous J2EE products in the past, including:

  • Design and implementation of complete end-to-end J2EE applications using Java, JavaScript, Ajax and JavaScript framework like jQuery,Dojo, EXTJS etc..
  • Implementation of plug-ins and additional features in the existing Web applications
  • Migration & porting of Web2.0 applications onto different architectures using J2EE, Java, JSP , Ajax and JSON
  • Migration and porting of other proprietary architectures to J2EE
  • White box, performance as well as integration testing of J2EE application
  • Integration of J2EE applications with other back office applications

Web 2.0 Solution

Hyades Provides different services as solution which are listed below:

  • Strategy and Brainstorming
  • Architecture and design
  • Development
  • Support and training
  • Custom Controls and Components

Complex Solution

We understand client environments can be very complex and challenging with a mixture of technologies, such as XML, Java, Javascript, AJAX, FABridge and Flex all needing to communicate seamlessly, not including open source AJAX toolkits such as Yahoo YUI, Dojo and many others. In our experience we have encountered all these technologies and some not so well known. eLink leverages open source and commercial solutions to best help our clients meet their business objectives. No matter how complex your environment, we are ready for the challenge!

Cloud Computing Solution

Cloud-computing is a powerful tool for online businesses. Virtualization can reduce IT costs, increase performance and reliability, and help IT departments to optimize their hardware and datacenter resources. The challenge for most successful companies is that cloud hosting is typically offered on a shared basis, in other words hundreds or even thousands of hosting clients reside on communal servers and storage. This means that the security and performance of your site can be affected by the activities of other clients on the same shared system.

Mobile Computing

Today in global market, the move to mobile technologies within enterprises has gained focus and become a competitive necessity. Hyades provides Enterprice services to many companies to engage in "Mobile Computing" and deliver real-time access to information. Hyades provides best solutions to develop, manage, and deploy applications that extend the reach of processes and information to the user on the move. Our Services include:

  • Analyzing the need for mobility within the enterprise
  • Providing training, maintenance, and support until the users become familiar to the system
  • Putting more leverage in real time communication to increase business intelligence
  • Making critical applications simple so that it can be easily used in mobile devices