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Hyades Technology is a software product development and business solution company. Hyades Technology offers a range of software development solutions to a variety of corporations that include networking, enterprise application software companies, B2B, B2C, finance, ecommerce, customer-facing web publishers, and others.

Hyades has expertise in building scalable, robust, and adaptable applications. Hyades has dedicated personnel from IT Industry who has more than ten years of experience participate as honorary members of Hyades Technology.

Hyades Technology understands that innovation is essentially an intrinsic part of company strategy, be it in the application of technology or in the approach to business. Hyades Technology's proprietary methodology addresses all aspects of the software development life cycle including agile methodology, extreme programming, design and development of enterprise application, and deliverables of application development.

Hyades understands the ever changing business scenarios of markets and the need of constant change management in the software industry. We bring expert level development skills, prototyping and modular publishing, and the ability to work closely with the client technology team. Angus's flexibility in offering customized solutions to various clients makes us a competitive software product development enterprise.