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Hyades Technology covers the aspects of enterprise application migration that involve J2EE application servers, including the motivation, methodology, challenges, and the way to successfully undertake such an initiative. The focus is primarily on the migration of a large portfolio of applications, not individual applications. Migrating applications between versions, hardware and software platforms, etc is not so easy. The magnitude of the problem increases logarithmically with the number of applications, especially when they are spread across a number of business portfolios. Enterprise applications typically pose the following challenges:


  • The applications are distributed across different tiers--client, business, and database and they use a different mix of J2EE technologies, including JSPs, CSS, Ajax, HTML, servlets, EJBs, JDBC, etc. The versions of the APIs used across the applications are usually not uniform, since they may have been developed at different times.

  • Applications have varying levels of complexity, and it's hard to apply the same methodology for migration to each of them.

  • Application teams have differing levels of expertise, so where the benefits of a structured migration are seen by some, the same is not true for others.