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Both the technical and economical challenges of software application development are steadily increasing. The market has also put a major emphasis on the scalability, security and robustness of new applications. Java/J2EE meets many of these challenges by reducing software complexity and providing a stable enterprise platform for distributed computing. Further advantages of utilizing J2EE include:

  • Highly Available: Meets the needs of today's global business environment
  • Scalable: Ensures that business transactions are promptly processed
  • Reliable: Ensures that business transactions are accurately processed
  • Business Logic:Separate from Plumbing and Glue
  • Component Development:Separate from Assembly and Deployment
  • Manage software as Depriciable Business Assets
  • Easy integration with other Business components and enterprise data
  • Enable portability acroll platforms

Our Solution

A typical Hyades Java project goes through inception and several iterations of elaboration, construction and transition to achieve an end solution that incorporates stakeholder feedback and is tested for reliability. Leveraging this process, Hyades's highly skilled Web/Java developers have successfully completed numerous Web Application products in the past, including:

  • Design and implementation of complete end-to-end web2.0 applications using JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, jQuery
  • Implementation of plug-ins and additional features in the existing J2EE applications
  • Migration & porting of Web2.0 applications onto different architectures usinh Java, JSP, JavaScript, JSON
  • Migration and porting of other proprietary architectures to J2EE
  • White box, performance, stress testing of J2EE components
  • Integration of J2EE/Web2.0 applications with other back office applications

Our Expertise

Hyades employs the latest methodology, tools and design strategies to achieve an optimized solution. We use extensions to J2EE (WLI, web services, etc.), standard design practices, the latest patterns, Rational Unified Processes (RUP) and enterprise software product development methodologies to arrive at a scalable, portable, robust solution that meets our clients requirements.

A key factor in Hyades's J2EE capabilities is WLI. WLI provides a RAD environment that enables our engineers to quickly develop and reuse a large part of our clients' business functionality. Some significant time-saving features of WLI include:

  • Visual Process Modeling
  • Business Process Templates
  • Pure J2EE and Interoperability with Oracle (SQL , Hibernate, Spring MVC, CSS, Ajax, jQuery)
  • Visual Tool for Data Transformation
  • Adapter Development Kit
  • XML Beans
  • Conversational Web Services
  • XQuery Transforms
  • Integration Controls (for databases, files, webservice, human interaction, etc.)
  • Application Integration Framework (for connecting to enterprise systems)

Hyades has a group of architects, engineers and specialized testers who are trained in Weblogic Integration Server. This group provides skills specific to Web Logic Integration such as:

  • Migrating J2EE applications to Web 2.0 Integration
  • Migrating Web applications to Web 2.0 Application
  • Preparing Web Application controls as specific components
  • Integration of existing code components
  • Whitebox testing of Web Application and Java components