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In today's dynamic market, Emerging and Established technology companies must reinvent their product offerings in order to sustain growth and preserve a competitive advantage. Start-up companies need to thoroughly research current market trends in order to develop a unique, lasting product. For software developers at all stages, it is critical to first validate a product concept before introducing it to the market.

Key features of Velocity Object are:

Best of Breed Technology Stack

In today's complex technology landscape, there is no scarcity of available frameworks. It can be an arduous task to choose from the varying alternatives. Velocity Objects help partners choose and integrate the technology that best meets their needs.

Code Reuse

Velocity Objects promote an easy way to reuse code, both in source and binary forms. The code programmed by Hyades is versioned to also promote reuse.

Consistent Usage

Velocity Objects utilize techniques that are uniform in bringing together different frameworks across different projects. For instance, Hyades ties Spring with Spring MVC in the J2EE framework in a consistent fashion.

Best Practices

Most frameworks provide multiple options to accomplish the same goal. For instance, Spring MVC allows validations to be specified in multiple ways in J2EE applications. By standardizing usage, Hyades has created utilities that enable developers to utilize a framework in the same manner across multiple products.

Agile Platform Integration

Since Velocity Objects have the ability to integrate with the Velocity Platform, developers gain the advantages of Agile development without needing to make a big investment in the associated infrastructure. For instance, Velocity Objects are capable of making effective use of various pieces of the Velocity Platform such as Continuous Integration, Issue Tracker, Code Repository, Advanced Development Websites and Repository Browsing.

End Point Transparency

Velocity Objects can be tied to end points in a consistent manner. For example, a developer can use a J2EE Framework with a generic facade that is fronted by various transport end points such as EJB, Message Driven Beans (MDB) or an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Typically when a new product is developed, software engineering teams have to write the business logic to implement a functional requirement. But by virtue of using a Velocity Framework, the functionality would be accessible using EJB, ESB and MDB. Velocity Objects facilitate the simplified development of service oriented architectures.