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Gigame is The online recruiting CRM enables Candidates and recruiter to have the typical recruitment facilities and the Potential Match for the Employers disposal.Gigameis the online recruiting CRM and Candidate tracking platform enables Employers to Job Post, Source , Hire and Manage Candidates and integrates seamlessly engage with recruiter. The objective of Gigame is to serve as the meeting ground for the employers, recruiters and candidates.

Gigame is being developed by Technology based on Ajax Driven, Web2.0, jQuery, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, J2EE Integrated Recruiting CRM and Job Search Platform. Gigame is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use job search solution that provides connect employers, recruiters and candidates. This platform allows the employer to directly publish a job on the portal so that the recruiters can be alerted of this opening by an email or message.The jobs page of the employer also has a tab for posting a new job. The employer can do a basic job addition or do an advanced job posting input with more details. The employer adds information on job title, job category, employment type, location, required skills, job description, requirements, Skills tags, Category, responsibilities and terms and condition for recruiter.

  • This allows the employer to directly publish a job on the portal so that the engaged and potential recruiters/candidates can be notified of this opening by an email or message.
  • The engage module lets the employer/recruiter find, track, and manages talent before one needs it so one can build an everlasting talent pool.
  • Integrate Candidate Hiring work flow by adding custom status to the candidates and the job openings. Both Employer and Recruiter can get universal view of all the candidates

Our Expertise

  • Technologies: J2EE, C, C++, Java, jQuery, JavaScript, JSP, Ajax, JSON, XML, JSP, SQL, ORACLE
  • Protocols: FTP, HTTP, XMLHTTP, UDP, SOAP
  • Mobile Platform: HTTP, USB, iPhone, Android
  • Operating System: Windows, Unix/Linux, Obuntu